10268594_10203037390530070_4181330766509452305_nI am a student at the University of Miami studying abroad in Barcelona for the semester. My entire life I have always been interested in good food – whether that be finding recipes to cook or restaurants to eat out at. Growing up, my parents took me to some of the best restaurants in the world and taught me to appreciate the work of skilled chefs. On top of developing a taste for good food, I also value living a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating well. After moving out for university, I realized that my food standards were much higher than that of other people my age and I was not satisfied eating at the places my friends enjoyed. In order to be satisfied with a meal, I realized I would have to do some work. Researching restaurants based on a variety of sources – including Urbanspoon, Trip Advisor, Time Out, and other magazine or newspaper restaurant reviews – has become one of my biggest past times. After carefully selecting restaurants to visit, I use my own judgement based on my previous experiences to decide if I think a restaurant is worthy of it’s good reviews. During my time in Barcelona, I have created a list of restaurants I want to go to every night using the sources I previously mentioned.  I will be choosing the best restaurants I go to each week and writing about them in this blog. The purpose of Restau-wants is to make it easy for readers to decide, based on their “wants” or cravings, what restaurants to go to in Barcelona. It consolidates research from a multitude of sources to ensure that the restaurants in this blog are verified as delicious and above average in their category.


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