Da Greco


WANT: Fancy, affordable, and delicious Italian food

Occasion: Great for group dinners or dates

Neighborhood: Gracia

Location: Carrer de Santa Teresa, 10, 08012 Barcelona

Phone: 932 186 550

Reservations: Suggested, email dagreco116@hotmail.com or call 932 186 550

Hours: Mon – Sat: 1 pm – 4 pm8:30 pm – 11:30 pm, Sun: closed

Prices: Reasonable (around 25€ for dinner and wine)


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You may feel a little intimidated when you first approach Da Greco. It lies behind a massive wooden door with a sculpted hand as the door knob, not to mention you have to ring a doorbell to get let in. However, after entering you’ll be greeted by incredibly welcoming staff who seem to juxtapose the baroque-style setting. I went to the restaurant with two of my friends. The hostess at Da Greco asked us if we had a reservation but when we replied that we didn’t, she was still able to fit us in right away. The rooms at Da Greco are covered in ornate paintings and sculptures, resembling that of a museum. My friends and I immediately thought to ourselves that it was going to be a pricey meal based on the appearance. We were thus surprised when we saw the menu and check. We got two bottles of a delicious Pinot grigio, three appetizers, and a tasting of three medium-sized pastas all for just over 20€ each! If you need to kill time before dinner, I suggest going to Old Fashioned, a gin tonic and cocktail bar with talented bartenders a few doors down from Da Greco. We each got a Bloody Mary at Old Fashioned until Da Greco opened at 8:30 pm.

Despite the affordable prices, the food at Da Greco tastes as expensive as the decor makes the restaurant look. The restaurant’s authentic Italian cuisine includes some of the best risotto and pasta in Barcelona (but unfortunately they don’t serve pizza). In fact, Da Greco is former football player Thierry Henry‘s favorite restaurant as he states in an interview.

I suggest getting the heart of palm and burrata appetizers. In North America, I had only ever had canned heart of palm which comes in small pieces. The starter at Da Greco gave me a completely new taste of the vegetable: long stalks of fresh heart of palm. The burrata was extremely soft and comes on a healthy bed of arugula and tomato wedges. For the main dish, I highly recommend getting the sample of three pastas and splitting it with others. My friends and I shared the trio sampler between the three of us and it was more than enough food. We got a truffle ravioli, lobster spaghetti, and shrimp capellini. The shrimp capellini was probably our favorite of the pastas because it was delicious yet light, and it included a fair amount of shrimp. The truffle ravioli might be a bit too rich to get on its own if you’re not sharing, but you have to try it if you like truffles.

One of the great things about Da Greco is its reliability. Despite it having decor that targets an older market, I know many other students who have dined at the restaurant and they all only have great things to say about it. Comments on websites such as Trip Advisor and Yelp also show that the service and food are consistently well above average. Additionally, it’s the perfect place for a vast array of occasions: from group dinners with friends to dinners with your grandmother. It’s also the perfect place if you want to impress someone on a date but don’t want to have to worry about getting a large check at the end of the dinner. Whenever you crave Italian food or pasta in Barcelona, this should definitely be the first place on your list.

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